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Meetings, Training Sessions, & Workshops

Alexis Goggans is a skilled and trusted facilitator with over 12 years of experience developing and leading dynamic, engaging, and thought provoking workshops, training sessions, and meetings. Since 2017 she has specialized in virtual facilitation for national networks, coalitions, and distributed teams. 


Alexis' facilitation work is grounded in consensus building, appreciative inquiry, and compassionate communication. She is well known for creating spaces that leave attendees feeling engaged, aligned, and inspired.

How May I Be of Service?


From network convenings to custom events or mission critical meetings, we run focused and effective meetings where everyone is empowered to engage.

Services Include:

  • Agenda setting and development

  • Shared decision making and consensus building

  • Icebreaker activities and live polling 

  • Mistress of Ceremony and keynote speaking

  • Panel and interview moderation



Creating spaces for ongoing learning and dialogue is essential to navigating complex situations and fostering a culture of adaptive learning. All training sessions are tailored to your organization's existing learning journey, culture and priorities.

Training Sessions Include:

  • Equity 101: Social Change Theories & History of Oppression

  • Systems Thinking 101: Exploring Complex Problems

  • Sense Making: Exploring Frameworks & Logic Models

  • Metric Setting: Managing the Intent to Impact Gap


Workshops are a great way to develop a shared vision or new strategies and approaches. All workshops are tailored to your organization's needs and strategic priorities. 

Workshops Include:

  • Custom Masterminds to support shared learning

  • Decolonizing organizational culture and leading with values

  • Systems Thinking Workshops to address complex problems

  • Open Space huddles for shared learning & agenda setting

  • Strategic planning, goal setting, and visioning workshops

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