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Clients & Projects

Alexis Goggans brings more than 7 years of experience designing and leading organizational equity assessments, strategic planning initiatives, and professional coaching for small to medium-size non-profits, networks, professional associations, and startups across the United States. She has worked and consulted in just about every industry including  in the education, tech, government, design, art, and movement sectors.

Over the past six years, she has partnered with individuals and organizations to design thoughtful, bold and strategic processes that transform the way we work and the world as we know it.

Read on to learn more about some of her work and clients. 

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Equitable Process Development & Operationalizing Liberation & Org. Assessment, 2023 - present

Worked extensively to develop an equitable hiring process for vendors, staff, and contractors that reflects organizational values and was inclusive of neurodivergent, and BIPOC professionals. 

Additional deliverables include acting as chief of staff to coordinate work flows and developing a strategy to support workflow coordination. Coaching to support liberatory program impact assessment and resourcing is also provided to staff. 

Significant outcomes include conducting an organizational S.W.O.T. analysis, developing an Employee Manual, and developing individual staff work plans.



Equity Training, Metric Development, Decarbonization Coaching, 2022 - 2023

Co-developed and led a 5 part training series on equitable decarbonization and metric setting for a cohort of municipalities seeking to imbed equity in their LEED for Cities certification.

Key outcomes included providing training and support on equity metric development, curating custom resources to support implementation, providing equitable decarbonization coaching to leaders implementing climate adaptation plans and providing guidance and feedback on the program impact summary.


Sustainable States Network

Equity Assessment (Program)
Annual Meeting Facilitation

Training & Coaching

2019 - 2022

Conducted four equity audits to assess the extent to which certification program design and administration exacerbated inequity. Key deliverables included leading training, facilitating planning discussions, conducting 20+ stakeholder interviews, and providing memos of findings.

Outcomes include at least one program formally adopting an equity statement and several groups pursuing best practices and next steps from my reports, including re-designing engagement strategies to partner with historically underserved communities and pursuing grants to expand investments in training & development.

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Equity Assessment (Framework)
Landscape Analysis

Annual Meeting Facilitation


Conducted a network assessment to identify opportunities to advance equity across programs, internal policies, and processes.


Deliverables included a comprehensive equity survey, a 20 page S.W.O.T. Analysis, 20+ staff/partner interview, 3 Issue/Opportunity Maps, an implementation timeline, a presentation of survey data, and a series of in-person and virtual Listening Sessions to discuss findings and next steps.


Outcomes included a revamping of their Equitable Decarbonization Framework pillars and implementation of a points system to ensure grant-making is equitable.


Peoples Climate Movement

Strategic Planning Consulting

Stakeholder Interviews

Webinar Facilitation


Conducted 10+ Nationwide Listening Sessions with partners and members to support development of a 5 year strategic plan.


Deliverables included a comprehensive summary of stakeholder feedback for funders and a summary of recommendations to ensure campaign plans prioritized concerns and values from members of color and those living on the frontlines of environmental injustice.

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Leadership Learning Community

Agenda Setting Support, Cohort Facilitation, 2023

Provided coaching services to help develop a first of it's kind working group exploring networking, equity, and deep belonging. Process development to ensure equity and parity was provided, alongside support for developing a program impact statement.

Key outcomes included facilitating 4 of the 5 convenings, developing cultural artifacts to inform strategic planning, and providing consulting services to support capacity planning and deep engagement for future network and affinity convenings. 

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Equity Org Strategy Dev., Coaching & Operationalizing Equity 2020 - 2021

Provided strategic coaching and organizational development consulting support to help the organization develop an Equity Strategy and integrate it into existing programs and operations.


Activities included convening a committee to develop an equity approach, providing 1:1 coaching, and supporting the leadership team in developing internal processes for operationalizing equity.


Outcomes included an organization-wide Anti-Oppression Strategy, an equitable Grievance and Vendor Hiring Strategy, and three staff-wide training sessions.



Strategic Planning

Facilitation (Coalition)

Supported a national coalition of representatives from various labor, environmental and environmental justice organizations working to hold Amazon accountable to it's climate pledge and communities impacted by emissions from fleet operations. 

Deliverables includes a 6 year campaign plan, and engagement strategy and a coalition approved budget and disbursement strategy.

Outcomes included a streamlined communication and meeting strategy, management of all documents including meeting minutes, foundational content and coalition contacts.


Sustainable Jersey

Stakeholder Interviews, Coaching
& Communications Support

Provided editing support for external communications to advance their equity commitment. This work built upon stakeholder interviews and an audit of their program previously conducted.


Deliverables included a review of internal program documents and development of recommendations to align communications with strategic priorities. Additional recommendations to integrate into decision-making and advisory bodies was also provided. 

Organizational coaching is also being provided on an going basis to advance health equity initiatives and opportunities to integrate an implicit bias action into the Sustainable Jersey best practice actions.


University of Minnesota

Organizational Training
Case Study Research


Provided the Clean Energy Research Team with training on diversity, equity, inclusion and systems thinking.

Deliverables included a two hour training delivered via power point presentation, review of templates and handouts and support to develop a training agenda.

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