Theory of Change

Mission, Vision & Theory of Change



We are on a mission to transform the world of work into a vehicle for sustainable, socially conscious, and strategic impact.


We envision an ecosystem of socially conscious, culturally competent, and self actualized agents for change who are advancing transformational solutions to humanity's most pressing challenges.

Theory of Change

By leveraging (living) systems thinking to develop greater problem awareness and adaptive learning practices to transform insight into strategy, agents for change can enact solutions that address the root causes of social inequality, injustice, and ecosystem collapse.

By catalyzing a critical mass of culturally competent and socially conscious leaders, we can create ideological momentum for transformational solutions and the social capacity to practice ways of working and being that move society towards right relationship with each other and the living world. 

Frameworks & Methodologies

Our approach builds upon a mix of tested and leading edge knowledge systems including; organizational change, appreciative inquiry, systems thinking, deep ecology, decolonization practices, intersectionality, positive psychology, feminism, nonviolent communication, and consciousness studies.


As thought partners, we also trust your tested approaches and stand ready to help you strategize, refine, and scale your culture of practice in a way that meets challenging times and emerging needs. Gratitude to all the teachers, thinkers, activists, and change agents who have shared their bold wisdom and insights with us. This includes partners and clients whom we continually learn with, and grow from.

Check out our blog for current musings, and below for resources detailing our approach.