Theory of Change

Mission, Vision & Theory of Change


Be Bold services is on a mission to create a more conscious, equitable, and sustainable world.


We help change agents and social impact organizations develop the skills and awareness needed to think systemically and act strategically in order to tip the scales of progress towards liberation. 


We envision a future where the world of work is solely focused on creating innovative, liberatory, and transformational solutions to humanity's most pressing challenges.

We envision a thriving ecosystem of change agents and social impact organizations equipped and emboldened to solve those problems from a resourceful state.

Theory of Change

By leveraging systems thinking to develop greater problem awareness, utilizing Earth wisdom to drive innovation, and cultivating self mastery through reflective and adaptive learning practices, individuals and organizations can rapidly develop and deploy emergent strategies that drive individual, ecological, and collective liberation. 

Frameworks & Methodologies

Our approach builds upon a mix of tested and leading edge tools, methodologies, and sense-making frameworks including; cultural change, appreciative inquiry, systems thinking, anti-oppression, intersectionality, positive psychology, deep ecology, feminism, and consciousness studies.


As thought partners, we also trust your tested approaches and stand ready to help you strategize, refine, and scale your culture of practice in a way that meets challenging times and emerging needs. Gratitude to all the teachers, thinkers, activists, and change agents who have shared their bold wisdom and insights with us. This includes partners and clients whom we continually learn with, and grow from.

Check back in 2021 for more links and articles detailing our approach and see below for some of our work.