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Pricing & Transparency

My Commitments 

2024 Pricing


The hourly rate for all services is $175 per hour, not including a $5 monthly processing fee for all online payments. However, work/trade agreements and a sliding scale rate is available to individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latine, Asian, Pacific Islander, transgender, gender non-conforming, immigrant, neurodivergentand disabled people, alongside organizations run by and primarily serving those communities who are unable to pay $175 an hour. 


Click here to view the sliding scale and below for a note on financial transparency and needs below. A chart outlining my financial and social impact since founding Be Bold in 2018, is at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind I'm off 10 -12 weeks a year.

Transparency Statement from our Founder


Dear Change Maker,


Far too few social impact practitioners are living their praxis and values out loud. This has led to a deficit of the leadership models, social technologies, and practices society needs to create the life-affirming futures we are so hungry for. So I took a vow early on to never profit from my customers and instead, set pricing according to my financial needs and in awareness of growing social inequality.

My attempts to establish an equitable pricing strategy has been an experiment in adaptive learning; and I am still trying to figure things out! I established a sliding scale rate in 2020, and also chose to disclose my income, expenses, and economic and social investments since Be Bold's founding in 2018. In 2018 my rates ranged from $75 to $100 dollars an hour. In 2022, sliding scale rates were increased to account for inflation and my hourly rate ranged from $100 to $150 an hour. In 2023, my compensation model shifted to a standing, hourly rate of $175, and a sliding scale fee was made available to individuals who identify as historically oppressed people, alongside organizations led by and supporting those communities. My current rates range from $100 to $175 per hour. This is the 1st year that my hourly rates will approach market rates for credentialed coaches, according to the 2021 ICF global coaching study.


Increasing my rates in 2023 was unexpected but needed. Here were some of the driving factors:

  1. I found that despite my sliding scale fee, racialized individuals and organizations serving those communities continued to pay me higher than organizations led by and serving white-identifying individuals.

  2. Since opening the Institute for Coaching Excellence, my second business, I have consistently worked 10 to 12 hour days the last 6 months. raising my prices allows me to hire the support staff I need so I can do more of the things I love (connecting with other change agents, piloting new projects, growing food, writing).

  3. I have enrolled in a Masters in Clinical Nutrition, Integrative Health, & Herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. The total cost of my 3.5 year program is approximately $39K. I am paying $1,080 in tuition out of pocket per month to avoid taking out additional student loans. Integrating the power of herbs and nutrition in my coaching work is going to be such a game changer!

I hope this letter helps you understand my financial reality, and more importantly, provides you a glimpse into the life-affirming future I am creating for myself. I am grateful for your patronage and hope that my commitment to financial disclosure will help create a future where our dreams, livelihood, and value are not limited by how much money we make. 

In Community,

Alexis Goggans, PCC

Founder & President of Be Bold Services

P.S. Please excuse the rough formatting. It took my several hours to put all of this information together and I have not yet figured out the best way to display my year over year financial disclosures. I hope to provide a streamlined (and polished) annual report in May of 2024.

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