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Pricing & Transparency

My Commitments 

In 2020, a sliding scale rate sheet was established to align compensation practices with Be Bold’s core values, alongside my commitment to transparency, accountability, and developing life affirming alternatives to the typically extractive impacts of capitalism and consulting.

Prices were established based on my lived experience and willingness to pay while

  1. Working in organizations across all the below budgets,

  2. Living below the poverty line as a student,

  3. Working as a salesperson in corporate America and

  4. Considering my requirements to live, savings goals and operating budget for Be Bold Services LLC

Additional research has been conducted exploring other sliding scale models (see AORTA rates) as well as information on the poverty level, and market rates for other coaches and consultants. It is imperfect, more subjective than empirical, but in my opinion (and the new clients I have spoken with) more than reasonable. That being said I welcome your questions and feedback.

Click here to view the sliding scale fees, additional considerations, and my financial impact summary. Below is a quick snapshot of pricing for individuals and organizations. Please note that there is $5 monthly processing fee for all coaching sessions not included as a deliverable in a project-based contract.

rates for orgs+individuals.png