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Pricing & Transparency

My Commitments 

2023 Pricing


The current hourly rate for 2023 is $175 per hour. This fee covers the cost of hourly engagements, including  coaching, equity advising, and organizational development consulting. Please note that training sessions are not being offered in 2023 and that there is $5 monthly processing fee for all online payments. However, work/trade agreements and a sliding scale is available to organizations run by and primarily serving Black, Indigenous, Latine, Asian, Pacific Island, transgender, gender non-conforming, immigrant, neurodivergentand disabled people.  

Click here to view the sliding scale alongside a summary of my pricing strategy and pricing guidance.

Transparency Statement


Far too few social impact practitioners are living their praxis and values out loud. This has led to a deficit of the leadership models, social technologies, and practices society desperately needs to re-imagine and co-create innovative, and life-affirming futures.

To counter this deficit, alongside the extractive nature of consulting and the exploitative impacts of capitalism and wage labor, Be Bold made a commitment to compensation transparency and impact disclosure. A sliding scale rate sheet was established in 2020. In 2022, sliding scale fee rates were updated to adjust for inflation. In 2023, our compensation model shifted to a standing, hourly rate, and a sliding fee available to organizations led by and serve historically oppressed people. This allows us to provide services to more oppressed people and take on lower resourced (but absolutely critical) work with regenerative and liberation oriented organizations.

Click here to view the sliding scale fees, a summary of my pricing strategy, and additional considerations for pricing. Below is a snapshot of earnings and impact since our founding in 2018. 2022 information will be available after tax filing season in April of 2023.

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