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My Promise

I seek, support and exude AUTHENTICITY, with the goal of realizing self mastery, self actualization, and more meaningful interactions.

I operate with INTEGRITY, only working with individuals and organizations committed to creating a just, sustainable, and conscious world.

I follow my PASSION, and leverage my intuition, creativity, and body wisdom to help myself and others realize our greatest excitement and potential.


I leverage ADAPTIVE LEARNING  to refine my approach and increase the reach and impact of my work. I embrace learning curves as opportunities to deepen my professional work and expand my vision of what is possible.

I rely on CURIOSITY to challenge assumptions, break through mental models and lead individuals and organizations through inquiry based practices that engage our resourceful and creative selves. 

I believe that fostering CONNECTION and CARE for ourselves, one another, and the living world is essential to disarming the ego, healing our collective trauma, and building life affirming belief systems and practices. 

I embrace deep EQUITY, anti-oppression, and restorative justice as necessary solutions to heal our society of systemic racism, sexism, ableism, nationalism, colonialism and all other thought systems of oppression. I acknowledge the privileges my economic class, able-bodiedness, and cisgender identity provide me and affirm that my liberation is not possible without empowering Indigenous, transgender, and disabled people.

I believe that TRANSFORMATION (not incremental change) is necessary to liberate society of all oppressive systems, beliefs and behaviors; and that this is possible through reflection, healing, learning, dialogue, & intentional self work.

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